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About Us

Donkey Ridge Farm is located in Spokane, Missouri, in the beautiful Ozark Mountains. We are a small farm, with a small herd of quality miniature donkeys. While we love all miniature donkeys, spots are our favorites. You will quickly realize that as you browse through our various donkey pages. Donkey Ridge Farm began raising miniature donkeys in 2009, as a hobby. Until 2012, we bought jennets that were already bred. After establishing a quality herd of jennets, we purchased Circle C Main Event in the spring of 2014. We are beyond thrilled to add this truly amazing jack to our farm and to our breeding program. 

Donkey Ridge Farm is a member of the American Donkey and Mule Society (ADMS), the National Miniature Donkey Association (NMDA), American Donkey Association (ADA), and the American Council of Spotted Asses (ACOSA). Brian serves as a Board member for ADA and Paula serves as President for ACOSA. All of our donkeys are registered with the ADMS and all of our spotted donkeys are double registered with the ADMS and the ACOSA. Additionally, we are members of the Southwestern Donkey and Mule Society (SDMS).

We spend time with all of our donkeys daily, rain or shine. There is nothing more rewarding than the love of a miniature donkey.  

We welcome visitors to The Ridge, as we love to share our miniature donkeys with others.

Visit our For Sale page to see what we currently have for sale. All donkeys sold come with a halter and lead, current vaccines, worming, and hoof trimming, negative coggins, health certificate (if traveling out of state), all required documentation to update registration papers, and the full health record of the donkey being sold.

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