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Here at Donkey Ridge Farm we handle our donkeys daily. These are just some pictures that represent the relaxing, entertaining fun we have with our miniature donkeys. 



In 2009 Dad had a stroke. It is so much fun to get him in the cart. He used to farm with horses and mules, so this is great fun to him.

DRF Margarita

Tractor Supply has asked us to bring donkeys up for their various pet days. This is our Momma Donk - loving the spotlight!!

CBARCHASS Trixie, CBARCHASS Buddy, Double N Deje Vu, and DRF Margarita

One of Tractor Supply's pet days.

Braying Hills Brumley

Teaching Jaden how to drive.

Braying Hills Brumley

Teaching Jaden how to drive.

Braying Hills Brumley and WB Jabask

This was back in the spring when Jay was still with us. Brumley loved to grab his tail and pull. Jay would never hurt him.

WB Jabask and CBARCHASS Trixie

When we first brought Trixie home, her best friend was Jay. It was so cute.

We love getting Dad and Mom in with the donkeys.

Brian and CBARCHASS Buddy logging.

We figure this is good training for our performance donkeys.

Brian and DRF Margarita (Momma Donk)

This is the fifth time in harness for Momma. She drives - and logs - like an old pro.

Brian and DRF Lucky Star.

Lucky begs to lay in your lap. Looking on is DRF Forrest Gump (in back) and Hedgpeth's Ginger Snap (in front).

DRF Mr. Jones, CP's Blue Jean, CbarChass Trixie, and TMD Thom-Ass Lucky Charm.

We were thrilled to exhibit at Tractor Supply again.

Gardner's Chica and DRF Lucky Star.

Chica giving Brian a big hug - and Star has his back!!

DRF Nestor, Brian, and in his lap is DRF Shooter J.

Meeting of the minds!!!

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